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“Data is the New Oil” - you might have heard this a few times before. Like oil, data needs refinement to be useful. Choosing and processing the right geodata helps get the best output, both timely and cost-effective. Let our geospatial experts help you find what fits your requirements.

The benefits of using cloudeo’s consulting services are:

Extra Support

Sometimes companies hit a significant roadblock but don’t necessarily have the resources to fix it, while employees still have to focus on their day-to-day operations. Cases such as these new projects typically require reprioritizing employees’ core job responsibilities. But hiring new employees to fill these gaps doesn’t always make sense because many projects are finite.

At times like these, the cloudeo team serves as a temporary, highly skilled resource. We bring extensive experience working with many companies. By hiring a contracted team, permanent employees are not pulled away from their job duties.

Specialized Skills

Our customers gain access to a specialized skill set that might not exist in-house. By bringing us in, they can work with a group of professionals with skills encompassing the breadth of the geospatial industry, from data and software to analytics and infrastructure. We offer a highly specialized team only for the amount of time needed, saving costs from long-term contracts.

Confidential and Secure

When companies are working on a challenging problem or a controversial project, they may require external consulting and support. Cloudeo works discreetly, confidentially, and efficiently with our clients to find the best solution for their needs.

Algorithm Analysis and Acceleration Service

Processing huge amounts of data can consume a lot of time and resources. We help you to spot your performance issues and speed up your algorithms.


You have a plan and budget right now, which needs geo resources like data, software, or cloud resources within the next year, but you do not know exactly?...

<img src="Landmask.png" alt="Landmask for water monitoring ">
HySpeed Computing

LandMask is a geoservice that explicitly masks land and other non-aquatic components, such as vegetation, snow and ice, from water in each s...

<img src="NEXTMap Analytics - Profile.png" alt="Digital surface model calculation">
Intermap Technologies

The geo service NEXTMap Analytics – Profile provides quick and easy access to terrain profiles anywhere on the globe. Visualize the topograp...

<img src="NEXTMap Analytics - Value.png" alt="Digital surface model calculation"><img src="NEXTMap Analytics - Value.png" alt="Digital surface model calculation">
Intermap Technologies

The geoservice NEXTMap Analytics – Value provides precise elevation information at any point in the world. Based upon highly accurate NEXTM...

<img src="Nextmap analytics-.png" alt="nextmap viewshed">
Intermap Technologies

The geospatial service NEXTMap Analytics – Viewshed provides instant 360° communications coverage map, visibility, and obstruction analysis...

<img src="Nextmap analytics-.png" alt="nextmap viewshed">
Intermap Technologies

Wireless network design and the installation of antennas requires an understanding of the best possible location and height of communication towers so that n...

<img src="ShowMySite.png" alt="satellite imagery">

To get a literal “high-level overview” of any plot of land (for example, to monitor long-term and short-term changes from construction, infrastructure, or na...

<img src="TimeCaster AIS.png" alt="Marine tracking">
Maerospace Corporation

With billions of dollars worth of goods crossing the oceans at any time, knowing when your ship comes in can swing time-sensitive markets. TimeCaster...

<img src="vegitation-vitality.png" alt="vegitation vitality">
HySpeed Computing

VegetationVitality - Monitoring utilizes scientifically validated and industry-accepted multispectral vegetation indices to deliver fundamen...

<img src="Visibility-Analysis.png" alt="visibility analysis">
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen

Visibility Analysis shows if radio masts, wind turbines, transmission lines, and other similar infrastructure installations are visible from...

<img src="Water-monitoring.png" alt="water Extent">
HySpeed Computing

WaterExtent - Monitoring provides global insights on the location and quantity of one of the planet’s most valuable resources – water, which...

workspace and training

Workshop and Training Solutions is the best way to host your internal and external company training remotely and securely, without paying for aging physical...