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Workshop and Training Solutions is the best way to host your internal and external company training remotely and securely, without paying for aging physical infrastructure. Get a fully-managed workshop solution, where all you have to do is activate the VMs to get started.

Product Description 

With Workshop and Training Solutions, powered by Sparkle and AWS, you can get an all-inclusive service for hosting your company's internal and external training, workshops, and webinars. The service includes VM creation, software loading and updates, storage management, network configurations, and technical support, all in one convenient package. It has never been more important to stay online in a world where you can finally offer an entirely distant cloud option for all your employees or participants. Don't buy aging physical infrastructure ever again just for training purposes. All you have to do is start and stop your VMs as needed, and we take care of the rest.

Exemplary use case

Workshop and Training Solutions was the perfect companion to the L3Harris EAS Deep Learning and SAR workshops in August 2020, offering 52 VMs fully loaded with GPU, OS, up-to-date software, and storage for training materials. Users had a seamless experience for their training, while the infrastructure was hosted by cloudeo and powered by Sparkle and AWS for a fuss-free infrastructure management experience.

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Workshop and Training Solutions


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