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cloudeo - Empowering you to build a sustainable tomorrow.

Our customers across industries can access multiple high-quality, ready-to-use data from various geodata sources like satellites, airplanes and drones, in-situ-data etc. under Data as a Service (DaaS) in a few clicks. Software as a Service (SaaS) allows our customers to use the latest version of different types of software needed to process the geodata without worrying about updates, releases, etc.

Our platform also hosts a wide range of value-added service providers and developers who simplify and customizes the data to user-specific needs, analytics to make a meaningful insight. The best part is all our services can be used without increasing your IT infrastructure cost but by using our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This service benefit is it works very well with your specifications, code, workflow, and scaling up options as you need at a very affordable cost at your preferred location and time.


To create the user-friendly geospatial solutions marketplace.


To connect geospatial solutions provider and user seamlessly through a Portal.

Core Values

Customer Focus: 

Customer Focus facilitates on primary objectives and challenges of markets.

  • Our business revolves around our customers and partners, not internally
  • We listen to our customers and partners carefully
  • We proactively offer solutions that meet the needs of our customers and become their trusted thinking partner
  • We continuously improve by focusing on how we can operate more effectively
  • We never settle-in everything we do, and we challenge our ideas of what’s possible to meet the needs of our customers better


Integrity ensures our credibility.

  • The cornerstone of what makes us credible to everyone
  • Enables us to do what we say
  • Obliges us to keep our promises
  • It also means being able to say no
  • Permits only those transactions and dealings that confirm to our values


Transparency makes mutual trust possible.

  • The involvement of all stakeholders through information
  • Makes our actions understandable
  • Supports goal-oriented behavior throughout the company
  • Creates reliability
  • Promotes the participation of everyone in the company prepared to accept responsibility

Our Story

With the vision to use space technology to make this world a better place to live, our founder acquired all the necessary knowledge by doing his professional education and certification to be a very highly skilled and well-recognized person in the Industry. After his training, he worked as Project Manager and Business Development Manager, where he gained practical knowledge about the know-how of the Space Industry.

In the year 1998, he Founded RapidEye AG (geospatial information provider with its 5-satellite constellation), which got sold to Planet Labs many years later. In this process, he has realized that one person or one company will not be able to create an impact on this planet if we work in silos It is all about creating the right business ecosystem.

In 2012 he decided to create cloudeo, a cloud-based market platform that brings all the data creators, data processors, and data users into one platform, which can create a positive impact on our society.

Why cloudeo

At cloudeo, we strive for maximum transparency, scalability, and cost savings for users and providers alike at any time.

Business expertise: we are creating a healthy ecosystem of all stakeholders in the value-adding chain, from data and remote sensing software provider to visualization application developers.

Customers and partners focus: we dedicate our business to make valuable, high-quality geoinformation easy to access for everyone. Besides, we ensure security to the IPR and data of our users and strict need-to-know policy.

Geo experts and IT Team: with years of experience in hosted geoprocessing in distributed environments, following quality processes and ECSS standards.

Technical expertise: cloud technologies, integration approaches, exploitation platform architectures, along with supplier and user community who provide and exploit these platforms.

Consulting: our in-deep knowledge and understanding of delivering robust cloud-based services, an integrated help desk for customers and partners consulting.