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Space technology has become a valuable and accessible planning tool. Satellite-based Remote Sensing (RS) technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide valuable resources at all levels of planning, decision making, and execution for projects in vital sectors of global and local economies, such as agriculture, land and water resource management, forestry, fisheries, environmental planning and protection, natural disaster prevention and management, urban planning, infrastructure development, and many other industries.


However, the entry threshold for these technologies is quite high, especially for startups that want to utilize RS and GIS data, but have not yet had the opportunity to build up the professional expertise to maximize the utility of these technologies. Cloudeo has partnered with providers like GeoUniversity to assist you in building up your necessary geotechnology knowhow; through this platform, you can choose among dozens of training videos, which range from introductions for beginners in the field, to targeting expert professionals who want to update or expand their skills.


The main objective of the instruction materials on this Training & Development service platform for novice and expert users of RS and GIS applications is:

1. Build and strengthen knowledge on the specialized tools related to efficient implementation and application of RS and GIS workflows and outputs.
2. Design and implement specific new methods to bring this technology to each of your business domains.
3. Create a learning environment in the organization for the wide adoption of this technology.
4. Help with knowledge transfer within your organization, to expand knowledge base for RS and GIS applications.
5. Coach employees for their assigned activities and help them optimize their performance.


All training is done remotely and can be done at your own pace; the materials are designed to deliver these services in a targeted and focused way for fast results, without sacrificing the quality of our products and information. You can adapt the scope and duration of training to match your specific corporate structure and needs. But to ensure sustained benefits of the training, it will be necessary to involve all organizational levels:

Level 1: Decision makers, who are responsible for creating the environment needed for improved management

Level 2: Implementers, who are responsible for planning and supervising activities required in the management

Level 3: Working personnel who are responsible for carrying out the work in the field and lab


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