Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

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Is the hardware still necessary in the cloud era?

Hardware is becoming less and less essential in the age of cloud computing: What may be state-of-the art today will generally be outdated within three years; the total cost of ownership (TCO), which includes updates, maintenance, and loss of productivity during downtimes, typically exceeds initial hardware expenses by a factor of four – annually! No wonder that many companies outsource the entire upstream Infrastructure; primarily since many applications can be run remotely, using a simple browser as the local interface

Cloudeo’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions help to streamline hardware, save costs, and increase the efficiency of processes within your company. We will help you meet all your hardware needs. This is ideal for testing work environments or deploying applications and larger processes. Whether you would like to optimize an existing system for a short-term project or need high-end computers for training inside or outside of your office, cloudeo’s Infrastructure as a Service can help achieve multiple goals:

  • Pay only for what you need
  • Start small, but be able to scale up quickly
  • Temporarily add more computing power for special tools
  • Make maintenance more cost-effective
  • Reduce personnel for hardware support
  • Minimize investment in local infrastructure

Our experience has shown that the problems already start at the hardware acquisition stage. Technology is improving so fast that by the time the computer and network environment has been set up to meet current requirements, it might already be outdated – and what about next year’s requirements? Can future demands be planned for cost-effectively? Is it possible to react to changes in mission-critical software? With cloudeo’s Infrastructure as a Service, our customers can quickly and dynamically adapt the level of processing power or storage they need, spreading big processing jobs over many cores – something that they might not be able to accomplish (or afford) with their own physical hardware.

In addition, all their data are backed up securely in the cloud, protected from unexpected and sometimes critical hardware failures. Staying sharp in this rapidly changing sector can future-proof your business, no matter what happens.

Our IaaS includes subscription, maintenance, and upgrade/downgrade for any virtual machine.

Professional advice

Our experienced consultants take each client’s specific needs into account with a robust approach to business management and solutions tailored to your sector.

Expert support

Our support division responds promptly and offers quick assistance for optimal availability and minimal downtime.

IT solutions

We have IT solutions for requirements ranging from Aerial imaging to Yield forecasting: Select our flat-rate option (which allows you to anticipate the costs for easier budgeting clearly), or a customized solution.

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CATALYST Enterprise
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