The project OPUS-GMES creates an operational platform for provision and processing of Sentinel-data in support of Copernicus geoinformation services (BStMWi) (2013-2017) and is lead by DLR.

CloudEO platform acts as an example of a third-party cloud platform where processes developed by research or industry partners can be offered to the industry with secured intellectual property. Innovative and flexible license and business models are supported for project work, development, and production.

About cloudeo

cloudeo operates a unique, vendor-independent, data-agnostic market platform through which customers can obtain professional geoinformation services from leading national and international providers at low cost. Services include dedicated solutions for many industries, such as agriculture, urban and landscape planning, logistics, telecommunications, and water management. Customers are provided with high-resolution imagery, 3D terrain models, thematic maps, and sensor data for many applications. The TimeCasterâ„¢ service in our cloudeo web application is available on our store.