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You have a plan and budget right now, which needs geo resources like data, software, or cloud resources within the next year, but you do not know exactly?

Do you need to distribute a centrally managed budget for geo resources to different parts of your organization in a flexible way?

The solution might be cloudeo Credits!

Everything in the vast cloudeo portfolio can be purchased with cloudeo Credits once you need them.

Flexible, Convenient, Global 

cloudeo Credits give you a flexible way to purchase combinations of data, processing, and infrastructure services to use when you need them. cloudeo Credits shorten the process of budget approvals and other paperwork within your organization when there is a need for you to concentrate on your work. They are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, giving you time to discover products on cloudeo marketplace.

Why cloudeo Credits? 

  • Employees and managers can redeem cloudeo Credits any time during 12 months from the date of purchase for the latest technology services on cloudeo marketplace.
  • Easily order cloudeo Credits with our seamless and secure process.

How it works 

  • Once your request is approved, easily access, track, and manage your orders.
  • cloudeo Credits are delivered immediately to your account. You will directly receive an order confirmation mail.
  • Within two days, you will receive a message once the unique voucher code is available on your account.
  • On your account, a credits tab will be added in order to track and manage your cloudeo Credits.

Your benefits 

When you purchase cloudeo Credits through the cloudeo store, you will experience a seamless ordering process with visibility to your account summary and emailed order notifications. Other benefits include:

  • Order management
  • Ability to use cloudeo Credits by your team
  • View of tracking information
  • Account dashboard with order reporting
  • Spend as you go

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