Hexagon Pixel Delivery - EU

Barcelona 30cm

Keep your high-resolution data locally with Hexagon Satellite imagery. Simply select your area of interest, the dataset you need, and get your data delivered fast. This is ideal for users who wish to utilize the data long-term and have the local infrastructure necessary for analyzing their data.

Product Description 

Hexagon Pixel Delivery provides imagery or elevation data for local use over your area of interest. Hexagon Satellite imagery data sets are some of the most high-resolution data on the market for reference orthophotos and digital surface models (DSMs). These datasets are perfect for long-term projects and projects requiring local data for analysis. Because the data is stitched together in a mosaic, the result is a seamless dataset ready for analysis.

Data sets include the most recent 30cm Orthophoto mosaics, stereo imagery, and 30cm DSMs. Default projection for EU coverage is WGS84. Coverage areas include the US, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, and Western Europe. This product is for coverage in the EU; Check out USA coverage. For archived datasets, please contact the Helpdesk.

For the Orthophoto products, please note the minimum order AOI of 10km². For Stereo and DSM products, the minimum order AOI is 400km².

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Hexagon Pixel Delivery - EU


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Western Europe


30 cm

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File transfer



Delivery time 

A few business days

Please note 

For Othophoto products, please note that the minimum order AOI is 10km². For Stereo and DSM products, the minimum order AOI is 400km².
Archived datasets are available upon request - please contact the Helpdesk.

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