OneAtlas Analytics

OneAtlas Analytics

OneAtlas Analytics leverages premium Airbus satellite imagery, AI, and cloud computing technologies to extract actionable insight fast, in a cost-effective way automatically, and at scale.

Product Description 

Airbus has built accurate and powerful geospatial analytic services that leverage expertise across the industry – enabling users to get the information and insights they need when they need it.

OneAtlas Analytics includes access to the following:

Activity Analysis and Monitoring: Monitor areas of interest to gain clarity on what’s happening on the ground; supply chains, commodities, geopolitical events, demographics and more.

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Ships at sea
  • Aircraft

Land Use & Change Detection: Understand what’s happening on the ground and monitor man-made changes over your areas of interest.

  • Infrastructure Change Detection (i.e.: buildings, roads, earthworks)
  • High Accuracy Map Extraction that inlcudes:
    • Land Use with 12+ classes: buildings, roads, parking lots, pavements, driveways, swimming pools, sports fields, railway, water, grassland, forest and bare land
    • Building Footprints
    • Road mapping
    • Powerful Capabilities

Extensive portfolio of ready-to-use and reliable analytics. We partner with the best-in-class providers to enable users with scalable analytic services.


  • Access accurate & reliable results
  • Choose between immediate analysis (fully automatic or semi-automatic) or monitoring over time
  • Get notifications about changes in activities
  • Leverage our team of experts and partners for customer projects & industry-specific solutions today
  • Results delivered in ready-to-use-formats

Seamless Service

  • Direct access to OneAtlas imagery and analytics
  • Choose from simple subscription packages or custom packages
  • Analytics compatible with leading GIS platforms
  • Integrate analytics in your own application using our dedicated APIs

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OneAtlas Analytics


  • Airbus Defense and Space

Access mode 

Web app, API, Streaming

Delivery time 

A few business days


OneAtlas PackagesCount Vehicles (0.5m) overChange
Detection (0.5m) over
Discover300 km²170 km²
Starter1,000 km²570 km²
Standard2,250 km²1,280 km²
Advanced6,000 km²3,430 km²
Customcontact us

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Contact us for a custom package for OneAtlas.

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