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OneAtlas Data is a unique place for quick and easy access to updated High resolution satellite imagery and layers at your fingertips. Based on the Airbus constellation of satellites, partner satellites, and open-source data, OneAtlas Data enables imagery to be delivered in multiple and flexible ways: through streaming, download or API. All formats are OGC compliant.

Product Description 

OneAtlas Data, part of the OneAtlas platform, is the quick and easy access mode to premium Airbus High resolution satellite imagery, in multiple streaming and download formats. Living Library is available through the OneAtlas web user interface or directly through APIs to synchronize it with your favorite GIS solution. The following functions are available: Search/View(streaming)/Download. Formats provided are WMTS, WMS. OneAtlas Data is available through a usage-based yearly subscription model. Airbus' multi-resolution optical archive, updated on a daily basis, currently hosts more than three years of 0.5m and 1.5m imagery globally and more than five years over 3,000 metropolitan areas in the world.

OneAtlas is a unique collaborative environment to easily access premium imagery, perform large-scale image processing, extract industry-specific insights, and benefit from Airbus assets to develop your solutions. The OneAtlas platform includes data services (OneAtlas Data), thematic services, and analytics. It provides users with easy access to multi-source, multi-resolution data, and value-added layers that are immediately available off-the-shelf. It brings high-resolution satellite imagery together with the sobloo data and services portfolio.

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OneAtlas Living Library


  • Airbus Defense and Space

Access mode 

Web app, API, Streaming

Delivery time 

A few business days


OneAtlas PackagesView (streaming at 0.5m)Download (at 0.5m)
Discover1 GBStream only
Starter4 GBDownload in multiple formats
Standard10 GBDownload in multiple formats
Advanced30 GBDownload in multiple formats

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