Planet Basemap

Planet Basemap

Power your applications and analytics with seamless Planet Basemaps built from the most recent imagery over broad areas. With daily, global imaging, Planet selects the best pixels and transforms them into visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics that empower time-series analysis and machine learning-powered analytics.

Product Description 

Satellite imagery mosaics have long been staple products used in geospatial analysis. But the exponential increase and availability of satellite imagery make their use more relevant today than ever. Planet has automated a number of most current satellite map preprocessing steps to help our customers take full advantage of global, high-frequency imagery. The result is Planet Basemaps, the most recent, complete, and analysis-ready mosaics for monitoring change over broad areas.

Leveraging cutting-edge software upon imagery from the world’s largest satellite constellation, Planet transforms raw pixels into visually consistent and scientifically precise mosaics over broad areas, creating the most current, complete, and analysis-ready basemaps on the market.

Planet Basemaps empowers customers with a timely, visually consistent, and objective “source of truth” for insights over broad areas and diverse geographies.

Basemaps of your AOI can be updated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis with area selection from small to global. To see possible combinations, please refer to this document. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with a binding quote.

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Planet Basemap


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Off the shelf 



3.0 m

Access Mode 

WMTS, Download



Delivery time 

A few business days

PlanetScope Technical Information 

Basic Scene (L1)Ortho Scene (L3)
Ground sample distance3.7 m3.7 m
Pixel Resolution3.7 - 4.1 m3.0 m
Spectral bandsB G R NIRB G R RE NIR
Bit depthAnalytic (DN): 12 bit, Analytic
Radiance: 16 bit
Visual: 8-bit, Analytic (DN):

Analytic (Radiance): 16-bit,

Analytic SR: 16-bit
Geometric precision<10 m RMSE<10 m RMSE
File structureGeoTIFFGeoTIFF
Revisit timeDaily at nadir

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Not all product combinations are possible. We will contact you with a binding quote shortly.

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