Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds

Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds

Frequent, global imagery is a powerful source of truth. But harnessing that data can be challenging, even for the most seasoned users, and manual, time-intensive approaches often fall short. Now you can unlock deeper insights from Planet imagery by leveraging automated, cloud-based, and global-scale Planet Analytic Feeds. With Basemap Analytic feeds, get monthly updates on Roads, Buildings, Well pads, and Silo bags in your area of interest.

Product Description 

Many companies that leverage satellite imagery are overwhelmed by the volume of data, which delays relevant insights. Meanwhile, most of the imagery is outdated by the time it’s received, provides an incomplete dataset, and can’t power timely, data-driven decisions. Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds leverage machine learning and computer vision techniques to extract critical objects and features from Planet imagery, providing customers with deeper insights at a higher frequency. Planet Analytic Feeds can be applied to Planet imagery across the entire globe, from a continent of interest, to national, or city-wide level. Global scale means you can get features and object detections off-the-shelf, no custom builds required.

Planet Basemaps selects the best pixels and transforms them into visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics that are perfectly suited for computer vision. Now, with satellite imagery analytics, you can efficiently extract features on a quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis to empower unique time-series analysis. With this pre-bundled set, you get the imagery and the insights you need to take action.

  • Road detection: Upgrade your workflows with monthly road layers at scale, empowering you to update maps, track road development, and improve routing of resources.
  • Building detection: Get monthly building detections at scale, empowering you to update maps, track construction, and monitor land use and enforce permitting.
  • Well pad detection: Monitor oil and gas development across basins with monthly or weekly well pad detections. Track construction, get land acquisition insights, and streamline operations. *Coverage only for Permian Basin
  • Silo bag detection: Get reliable signal of grain production via monthly silo bag detections. Understand supply, mitigate risk, and predict when shortages and gluts may occur. *Coverage only for Argentina

With Planet Basemap Analytic feeds, you can: establish trends by leveraging historical data to understand baselines; monitor for anomalies by getting the earliest signal for unusual or unexpected activity; mitigate risk with broad-scale coverage & frequent updates boosts awareness; and accelerate decision-making to complement existing datasets and act faster.

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Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds


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WMTS, Analytics API



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A few business days

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Weekly Well pad detection is available upon request.

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